Wednesday, August 31, 2005

In Memory of Grandpa Huener

Yesterday my aunt's father passed away from a stroke. Over the years I have grown extremely close to the Nate Bickel family and through that I had established a relationship with the Huener's. Grandpa Huener was the kind of guy you wanted to be around. Never overbearing but always considerate. Firm but compassionate. A man of strong convictions and faith. This is certainly the thing I will take from him, he loved his family just as his Lord and Savior loved him. From this fact he never strayed. He also knew that Christ was his only hope for salvation. He will be missed while we remain on earth, but we look forward to the joyful reunion in heaven some day. Our prayers here in Tomball are with Uncle Nate, Aunt Julie, Anna, Rachel, Zach, Abby, Beka and all the Hueners. We love you guys.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Auntie Em is nowhere to be seen

We are well away from the eye of Katrina, thank goodness. My wife keeps wandering around the house mumbling something under her breath about not needing to "live through a hurricane". Despite some nasty storms on Saturday night, we have seen little effects of the hurricane but expect some rain in the near future. Our prayers are certainly with those in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Flordia.

Not much to write about. Just wanted to throw my two cents in about the weather. (Man, I am gettin' old if thats all I can talk about!)

Enjoy some more Maddie!

Like a scene out of a sci-fi movie.

Am I not adorable?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

A little breather

Since every one came down for Maddie's affirmation, this is the first weekend I have had to just be with the girls and not worry about anything. Once everyone left it was on to school meetings, a Saturday morning workshop, more meetings, the first week of school, Senior Retreat, and more school.

We celebrated Erin's birthday with lots of baseball, Wednesday cheering the Astros with the Boessling's and Friday cheering the Brewers with Maddie for the first time in person. Unfortunately they couldn't pull out the win while we were there. Incidentally, they have won both games we watched on tv. Not sure if we will go tomorrow.


Peace Out.

Our first Brewers game ever...

...we were dazed by the Brewers late inning collapse...

...we'll get 'em next time! Go Brewers!

Talking to the ceiling fan

Hanging out in our farmer overalls

Not quite as interested in the game as Dad and Jordan

Where's Waldo?-Maddie at CLHS edition

We were tempted to chalk outline the body

You'd laugh too if we were YOUR parents!

Daddy and Maddie share a laugh

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another Dumb Dad Moment...

Start one burner at a time on a gas grill. Lest your right forearm become quite a bit less hairy than your left forearm. Just a word to the wise.

"I'm freakin' hilarious!"

Cousin Ben and Maddie patiently wait for the aquarium

Godmother and Goddaughter

Always check Grandma's suitcase!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Affirmation Weekend

The dust is beginning to settle from our are the highlights (depending on your view).

Mom Heff arrived on Monday (highlight)

Picked Uncle Ben up in Fairfield, TX (middle of nowhere)

Anne made it in on Wednesday (highlight)

Rest of Heffelfingers arrived on Thursday (highlight)

Missing Alan, Tracie, Kate, and baby Heff (lowlight)

Took Joel to Harris County Smokehouse (entertaining to say the least)

Had cell phone stolen from Harris County Smokehouse (lowest light of all)

Janetzkes arrive Friday (highlight)

Driving range with Ben (embarrassed myself)

Maddie's First Baseball Game (highlight, despite monsoon on the way to Minute Maid)

Wilde's arrive Saturday (highlight)

Lots of pool time, cards, and video games (highlights)

Kathy, Scott, and Josh arrive (YEAAAAAAHHHH!)

Dished out $170 for new cell phone (lowlight...duh)

Mini-golf with Dad and boys (highlight)

Maddie's Baptismal Affirmation at Trinity (HIGHEST light)

Open House at Wilke's (fellowship, brisket, and beer....mmmm mmmmm mmmm)

More pool time and cards (highlight)

First school meetings on Monday (toss up)

Monday goodbyes to Janetzkes (lowlight)

Saw "Wedding Crashers" with Joel (highlight)

Tuesday goodbyes to Heffelfingers (lowlight)

Spending some quality time with Maddie and Erin (do I even need to say?)

We know many of you would have liked to be here and we were in your prayers. We missed you and hope you can visit us soon. Cousin Meggan gets married this weekend (they grow up so fast!). We will keep you and Yoshii in our prayers! Enjoy your day, it flies by! We love you!

Note: My cell number is still the same. Call me so I can save your number.

Everyone loves a baptism!

Pool Boys II

Wanna nap? Hold a baby.

Taking in the game

Aunts and Uncle adore their neice

Unenthused by the pool

Loungin' in our gown

Godparents and witnesses

(Most of) Heffelfinger Clan

Janetzke Clan

Maddie's First Baseball Game

Holding our breath for Uncle Ben


...and done!