Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Send It in Jerome!...

Here's your winner...

Florida, Kansas, Georgetown, Texas A&M.

The defending champ, the perennial, the resurrected, and the homer. The perfect Final Four storm.

That's my head. In my heart...

Wisconsin, Gonzaga, Michigan State, Texas A& M.

Let the Maddness BEGIN!
Bracketology on our living room wall

(Maddie's Bracket Hint: Eastern Kentucky to AT LEAST the Sweet 16.)

Fun with Markers...

What we are doing on Spring Break so far...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

About Face...

So recently, with some help from my wife, I created a personal profile on Facebook.

Honestly, I was skeptical. Any "profile" that can be shared on the internet is a little alarming.

Although it can't be much worse than a blog, right?

But no one warned me it would be so addicting. Being able to post messages, share memories, and news with long lost classmates, friends, or relatives who live far off is pretty cool.

I am particularly proud of the "group" I created, intended for those of us who chose the right CU (Wisconsin) and had the honor of having knowledge heaped on us by Dr. Van Mobley, whose thick Alabama accent and "Vanisms" made the class well worth the price of admission.

The Good Doctor