Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Getting comfortable...

You know you've lived in Texas too long when you've seen an Armadillo on the side of the road...alive.

My Main Man

This post is looooong overdue! Maybe I'm just a bad uncle, or maybe I need to buy my sister a digital camera. Either way, this is my main man, my nephew Luke Arthur. As you can see, the ladies are gonna be in a heap of trouble. I take it as my personal mission to make sure he knows who his favorite teams are. Sounds like he is keeping mom and dad busy. Atta boy. Welcome to the world little man!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

B.S.O.E. Regional Report

Bickel Series of Euchre for those keeping score at home.

Round one of Regional play was highlighted last weekend by the 4-1 thrashing bestowed on the women by the men. "We stuck with the game plan going in, and minus a misplayed bauer here or there, saw it through," commented team captain, Dave Wilde.

The match was not without its tense moments though. Twice the men sweated through shooting hands for young superstar Michael Wilde. The men suffered setbacks each hand, but were so comfortably ahead that neither had a real impact on the game.

"We just want to thank God for giving us the ability to play euchre. If we stay focused and give 110% and stay loose, but not too loose, but not too tight, I think at the end of the day, no matter what the scoreboard says we'll win if we take more tricks," added the sage veteran, Chad Janetzke.

The ladies, gracious in defeat, noted the skill of their opponents as the key to their downfall. "They just thoroughly dominated us. Period," reflected 10 time all-star Kathy Wilde. Her teammates shared similar sentiments. "It's as if they were channeling Grandma Bickel or something," added Erin Janetzke. Young phenom Christina Wilde was so frustrated after the loss that she refused comment.

Round Two of the Texas Regional is slated to take place sometime in November. Look for the women to try to shake up the roster a bit. The rumor mill suggests that they may try to pick up free agent Eric Wilde, who filled in as a key replacement for the men toward the end of game five. The regional champion will move on to the world final, to be held in mid-Michigan in June.


A little tougher to play that way, eh Michael?

Apparently clothes are optional at Great Aunt Kathy's

"My sister is such a space cadet."

"Uh, Houston?"

I could be an astronaut...

...or a hoopster.

Of course I'm cute...have you SEEN my mother???

That's kinda silly!

Double Trouble

Reality Need Not Apply...

I had to chuckle the other day.

As I am sure it is with any high school, we have those students who need to be "real". You know the kind. Skater outfit, fight the man, be one with the music types. The ones who are constantly scoffing at the "suits" who they feel are fake and worldly. (Suits meaning us "highly paid" church working teachers)

Turning out of the school parking lot today, I waited as a gorgeous, EXPENSIVE, shiny BMW went zipping by out of the other driveway. "Wow. Who can afford a car like THAT???" I mused.

You guessed it. One of our "real" students. Way to be kid. Fight the man.