Saturday, July 30, 2005

Technology Goes Missing

My phone got stolen this weekend, putting a small damper on the festivities surrounding Maddie's affirmation. Erin's is still in service, but my number is temporarily suspended until we get it switched. So hold on to that number, but be patient if you don't get a hold of me right away!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Sometimes you just gotta crash where you're at

More excitement than we can take


Our little lady tries sitting up

Sunday, July 17, 2005

International Flair

Went to the food court in the mall for lunch today. Lots of choices, but very confusing.

I got chinese food, served by mexicans, at a cajun restaurant.

You do the math.

Had a busy week with basketball camp and the Odinga's wedding. Beautiful service and reception. Only drawback was the card basket got stolen from the reception. (We will hunt you down, whomever you may be, like the dog you are.) Maddie drew much of the attention of the bridesmaids and CLHS secretaries, looking adorable in her little ducky dress. Mommy and Daddy had almost as much fun as she did.

Anxious to see the fam in a week and a half!

Peace out, homies.

Mornings are not easy...

Serenading my little girl and Kim and Odie's wedding

Tae-bo anyone?

"Geez Ma, if you wanted help changing the bed, just ask!"

Mommy and Maddie


Friday, July 08, 2005

Big D to the OKC

Sunday brought Fourth of July celebrations at church, and also gave us a chance to take a little road trip. Since my folks were going to be in St. Louis for a wedding, we decided to take a little vacation and meet them in Oklahoma City. So after I sang with the Men's Chorus at late service we were off.

We arrived at in Dallas around dinner time and had a great visit with the other Texas Bickel's, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave. Maddie got to meet some of her first cousins' once removed for the first time. Thanks for the hospitality Wildes'! We look forward to doing it again soon.

On Monday we started the holiday off by meeting up with Adam Griffin, touring his soon to be remodeled youth room at Lamb of God in Flowermound, and enjoying an outstanding lunch at one of the local establishments. It was good to see Adam and the place where he works. Expect some visitors soon my friend!

After lunch we finally headed to Oklahoma. A very enjoyable 3 1/2 hour drive (Maddie was an angel) later we made it to our hotel, settled in and waited for my family to arrive. I was very anxious for this trip since it would be the first opportunity for my family to meet Maddie. When we made the plans the week before, Dad, Ben, and Kendra would have to go back to Milwaukee from St. Louis for various reasons. That bummed me out, but I figured part of the fam is better than none. Imagine my surprise and excitement when at the back of the line of family coming up the stairs was my Pops! Thanks go out to Pastor Schroeder for talking some sense into my Dad.

Monday was spent getting settled into our rooms and catching up with each other. Tuesday we visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial, ate lunch at Bricktown Stadium, and did some swimming. We had gorgeous weather. Brother in law Scott and I partook in some cigars that evening, enjoying some conversation about nearly all aspects of life. On Wednesday, we headed to the mall in Norman for lunch and said good-bye.

It was great to see my family and I can't wait for everyone to come down for Maddie's baptism. Hope everyone had an relaxing holiday.

Are we there yet?

Nice 'do's!

(Insert your own caption)

"This uncle thing isn't so hard!"

Uncle Josh with his goddaughter

Taking in the National Memorial

The J's -- Texas edition

The events of April 1995 in Oklahoma City are embedded deep in the conscious of Americans. And yet, because we enjoy the freedom we have, it can also so quickly be forgotten. Until we arrived, it hadn't even registered that this city was the site of such a horrific event. Certainly it puts a whole new light on your Independence Day celebrations to visit such a memorial. May we never forget those lost and always we remember whose we are.