Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rain Man and the Short Bus...

Since I have justifiable chastised my wee sister for not blogging effectively, it seems only appropriate that I throw something up here. But fret not. This will not be your run of the mill "I'm good. The girls are good. It's all good in the hood" type of posts. No. This will be a regular blockbuster, with developed characters, car chases, and plenty of passion (not THAT kind).

The girls continue to develop some very unique personalities. Maddie we like to call Raymond. As in Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man. She feels the need to not just announce every thing she sees while riding in the van, but continually says it over and over and over and over and over and over again until you verbally acknowledge correctly what it is she is observing. Whew! That was exhausting just to write! You can imagine what it is like to experience.

Emma has been affectionately tagged "D.Q." by her mother and sister. It was bound to happen after having TWO girls, but we have our first "drama queen." No has been a popular response, along with a helpless kitten-like "helllllllllllp! help! help!" whenever she is...well, ANYwhere! Stuck in a precarious position, pinned to the floor by her sister, standing in the middle of the place is safe. And of course, the water works when you breathe wrong at her. YIKES! Applications for housing this fine young lady during her teenage years are now being accepted. Don't all rush at once.

Baseball has begun in earnest. I am anxious for these boys to prove that last year was an abberation. Our program does NOT believe that it is our hope, nay our responsibility, to give up double digit runs each game. And so far we have been able to keep that from happening, but we get into the thick of the schedule upon return from break. Pray for us.

Speaking of baseball, my highlight of the season easily took place after our last game at the Cleveland Tournament. We had just lost 8-7. We had gotten absolutely HOSED on TWO key calls late in the game. Even my wife was fuming. I was driving the short white bus that school owns with most of the team on board. Apparently my mind was wandering back to the game and allowed my foot to depress the pedal on the right a little too much. One of the state of Texas' finest informed me of such when he pulled our cartoonish little vehicle over. He also tried to get me for having the wrong license for such a vehicle, but realized he was in err about the number of passengers the vehicle must have to need a CDL. I only really panicked when he paused from writing the ticket and began moving stuff around in his back seat. Certainly that was an indication I would be spending some hard time with a large man named "Bubba Joe" to truly appreciate what an irresponsible citizen I had been. Thankfully though he was only getting a slip of paper that better explained how the former country, turned state, would be making sure my lightened wallet would in turn lighten my lead foot. God Bless Texas.

That's about it. I figure everyone can have a bit of fun at my expense. Break is here. I am loving the time with the girls (even if I don't let Erin know it!). I am loving the time with my wife (even if I'm getting annoying). We thoroughly enjoyed the Rodeo last week. I think that was the last straw to really feeling as though we are true Texans. I mean, drinkin' a beer, watching cowboys get thrown around by massive beasts, young 'uns chasing down calves for scholarship money, and Tim McGraw in person to finish off the night. YEE-HA! Y'ALL just don't KNOW what yer missin'!

St. Patty's day brought an opportunity to get a sitter and spend some adult time with our friends. It was a great night with lots of memories (and green beverages). It's holiday's like those that just make me want to say....NANNER, NANNER, NANNER! JO LIVES DOWN BY ME NOW! (That's a little something for all the Bickel cousins. This could ALL be your-s as well!)

And welcome to Jake who will get to experience all of this starting this summer after taking a call to Grace in Brenham!