Saturday, September 06, 2008

Viva Cerveceros!

Friday night, Maddie, Dad Heff, Erin and I sat in our regular fantastic season ticket seats and watched CC spin a gem (only to be undone by Gag-me). We an inning early, but the boys still pulled it out. First win of September.

Saturday, Erin and I were able to sit in Dr. Sam's seats three rows from the field, right in the middle of the home dugout. AMAZING seats. Peavy pitched strong, but Sheetsy outlasted him and threw an amazing CG W.

The greatest thing about this pennant chase is watching the emotion from these professionals. Not the obnoxious "look at me, I'm Carlos Zambrano" type. More the "we needed a clutch play/pitch/hit and I just delivered in a key moment" type. I can get behind that.

I was initially skeptical about the whole untucking the jerseys on the field, being the traditionalist I am. But I'm starting to get behind that too. They're unified, they're a team. That's the most important thing as we launch head long into the drama of fall baseball.

Grandpa Bickel, I motion that you join me and adopt these Brewers as "our team". Not to say we completely abandon our Tigs, but these BeerMakers could be a great deal less disappointing, and exciting to watch. We'll figure out the logistics of beaming you the signal for the remainder of the season so you can enjoy it.


Blogger Luke's parents said...

you are aware you are not misterj 'n' texas anymore. I don't mind that you update your blog yearly....i do mind that you haven't had pictures of your cute girls in decades. just thought i'd throw that out there.

5:27 PM

Blogger Chad said...

OUCH! And the ref takes a point away.

5:47 PM


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