Thursday, January 08, 2009

Triple Vision...

We went to get the ultrasound for "Piddle" (as Emma calls the baby).

Here's the report:

6 arms.

6 legs.

30 toes.

30 fingers.

3 heads.

And then the technician apologized because her machine had just gone on the fritz.


We feel very blessed to be anticipating #3, but 2 on 5 are just unfair odds.

The technician gave her professional opinion, considering the circumstances, but was careful to clarify that the evidence was extremely difficult to see. Thus it was more a guess than anything else.

So. The suspense continues...

This is Erin hacked into Chad's blog- we are NOT having triplets. The ultrasound machine was not functioning properly and was showing triplicate shadows of the baby, so we couldn't get any clear pictures of all the measurements needed or to find out what it is. We are going back next week for another ultrasound.


Blogger Paul & Kristy said...

The Cheney Twins are praying for Janetzke Triplets! Hey, you wouldn't be a Janetzke if you didn't have a whole litter of kids!

9:43 AM

Blogger Erin J said...

We are NOT having triplets- there was a computer error and the ultrasound was putting triplicate shadows on the screen and so Chad thinks it is funny and now everyone thinks we are having triplets- I am going to kill him for this.

1:11 PM

Blogger Luke's parents said...

if we left him alive after all the times he messed with our heads...then it's no fair you getting to do the killing!

5:02 PM


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