Friday, February 24, 2006

Some days, you just got it...

Wednesday, I really wasn't all that high on life.

Baseball was 0-3.

I hadn't gotten home until near 10 pm on Tuesday.

Stayed up till 1 am trying to plan for class (which never panned out).

And it has been unseasonably cold and wet down here (I heard those groans from up north!).

And that's when God says, " Hey dude, remember whose you are. I got just the thing you need..."

On Thursday we had a school assembly featuring Mike Lewis, otherwise known as the "Jesus Painter". If you have seen him before, you know his impact...if you haven't, I HIGHLY recommend you take the opportunity when presented with it. Mike uses his skill as an artist, and paints portraits of Christ during worship opportunities. Kind of an musical offering of a different sort. But the great thing is that as you watch him paint, each stroke of the brush creates a portion of his message. In the picture shown, "Christ Eyes", Mike begins the painting with a large v shaped image. As he continues you might notice that on one side at the top of this image is what seems to be a cross. On the other side, a figure, raising its hands in desperation to the other side. As he continues, each side is connected to each other by a bridge of some sort. On that bridge, in humility, the figure crawls to the other side. As he continues to "black out" each portion of the story, you see the end result taking place, as you are caught gazing into the eyes of your Redeemer. What a powerful message. And what a lift by the Holy Spirit!

Classes went brilliantly that day, baseball won our first game 6-4, and the assembly was a big hit with the students. Overall, not a bad way to recover from "one of those days."

Friday, February 17, 2006

Hoo-sier Hub-by...

Congratulations to my cousin Anna on her recent engagement! We look forward to welcoming him to the clan!

(But seriously...a wedding AFTER the draft? How is he supposed to have a franchise this year!?!?)