Tuesday, December 14, 2004

On the eighth day God created Milwaukee...

Joel and I in a "theological" discussion

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

NASCAR, turkey legs, and a stupid kid...

The holiday season is officially upon us and we have passed through its welcoming portal, traditionally know as Thanksgiving. Although after our weekend, we may be referring to it as "The Wild and Crazy time with your dear friends that you miss so much" Festival. And we do hope it is an annual thing that we can count on (here or there). You have to understand. I mark my life by phases. First, there was the, "Grandpa and Grandma J will visit us in Iowa for Thanksgiving, followed by a Friday of going to McDonald's for lunch while we watch Grandpa apply ketchup to each individual frie like its toothpaste". After that it was the "Descend on the Old Country Buffet in Lansing or Saginaw (depending on the rotation) and overwhelm the help with the massive amount of people in our family followed by a commiserating over the Lions poor performance(s) that day and an attempt to erase that memory with a game of football in the front yard". Now we move to the next phase, "Enjoy un-Midwestern like warm weather, while playing cards, video games, and watching football with your dear friends from Minnesota followed by lots of napping, sleeping in, and watching Jay eat an entire chili pepper for five bucks before you go bowling". Needless to say, I'm a big fan of Thanksgiving. It's a chance to thank God for all the great things we have but even more to be surrounded by the great people he has put in our life. I hope your Thanksgivings were just as bountiful.