Friday, December 19, 2008

Apathy At Its Finest...

I have no excuses.

Kathy will be having a field day with this.

She already has.

So lets hit some of the major points, make it multi-media, and rest in the fact that my extremely attractive, extremely intelligent, extremely caring, and extemely organized wife is probably the better option when it comes to updating yourselves on the happenings in our house. Otherwise, enjoy...

+ I didn't make it very clear in any previous posts. We have transitioned. We now currently reside in the land of Cheese, Beer, and Brats. I am teaching Junior and Senior Theology at Martin Luther High School in Milwaukee. This is Erin's old stomping grounds, and I teach with many of her former teachers. While I couldn't find a pic of Erin in her old basketball uni, here is an idea of my main co-curricular responsibilities.

+ Since we've moved we were immersed in the excitement that was Brewer Playoff Fever. I would show you a pic from the NLDS game we attended (which they WON by the by), but alas, those photos were on our camera that somehow ran away on a trip to Michigan.

+ Speaking of which, we were able to spend a weekend with Ben and Sarah and the boys. It was great to be able to get together with the Heidens. We don't get to see them nearly as much as Ben and I would like. (Note: The ladies enjoy each other's company as well, but I am not naive enough to think they don't roll their eyes with considering the possibilities if us boys get together.)

+ Side note to Heiden trip: The highlight might have been Ben, Ben, and I picking up beverages at the corner store while Ben the Heiden boy wore his "mullet" wig. Oh, yes. It was as you are imagining.

+ The Michigan trip also provided an opportunity to share what I found out when Erin and I went to the Brewer game by ourselves in the previous post.

"Piddle" (as Emma has tabbed him/her) is arriving May 14.
(Above is not an actual "Piddle", merely an internet photo. We find out in early January.)

+ Some other highlights of the last few months:

- I had the honor of watching one of the boys from my first teaching position who is playing college football in Minnesota. I went to the Lions/Vikings game with Mike the next day. That didn't go as well. But it was good to see everyone none the less.
(I'm pretty sure this is the 90 yard touchdown that started as a harmless slant pass but ended up as six points in front of our seats and sealed our fate.)

- I got the chance to participate in the CALEB Project at Concordia Nebraska and Wisconsin. This is a workshop that the schools hold for their student teachers, where an administrator and a couple teachers share insight into the teaching ministry that maybe wasn't covered in Methods classes. It was very cool seeing and meeting some of the future colleagues and fellow workers in the mission field.

- My kid is in SCHOOL! Can you believe it?!?!?!

I had the pleasure of seeing her off on the first day. Unfortunately Daddy starts school before she does so I wasn't able to be with her.

She absolutely loves it. She has a great teacher. And Erin and I are just thrilled that she is at a school where her response to Grandpa J's question of "How do you like school," is "Ebbywhere I see Jesus."

I think this picture says it all.

- The girls have had to adjust to some different temperatures than they are used to, but they have managed. It also helps when you get to go to the indoor waterpark and enjoy the District Church Workers conference.

- Erin and I were able to join some of our friends up north in Door County for a weekend getaway. This is the danger of what can happen when Lutheran school teachers are able to let off some steam:

Nate and Katherine made it from Ft. Wayne. It was great to see them!
No get together is complete without learning the "Cupid Shuffle".

The whole gang

Everyone needed a nap on Saturday!

It was great to be able to get together with everyone, even if I came away with a touch of the flu. You realize how much you miss people when you get to spend a few hours in the back woods with them.

I think that that kinda catches things up. We had a snow day today (12 INCHES! We are NOT in Texas any more!) so this provided a good opportunity to get caught up. I will try to promise to keep more up to date (and entertaining).

As for my title, I think I'm going to keep it. Because you can take the boy out of Texas, but you can never take the Texas out of the boy.