Sunday, November 25, 2007

With Pride We Hail...

"Whatever IT takes!"

That's the theme for the Concordia Lutheran Crusader Varsity Football team this year.

WHERE it's taken them is to a whole new level. Our guys came out of a difficult district as tri-champions, taking the third place seed awarded for the playoffs
. It was a bittersweet pill as it took one six point loss that was nearly a victory to keep them from an outright championship and opening round home playoff game. Never the less, a fourth straight playoff birth is nothing to sniff at however you get it.

Round one took the SADERS to San Antonio Christian for a rematch of las
t year's opening round rout. The weather in Texas had cooled off considerably, but a good contingent of parents and students trekked three hours to SA for the game. The guys started off strong, rushing out to a 14-0 lead. By the end of the half though, that had evaporated to nothing. If anyone was really honest with themselves it looked as though we would be headed home with nothing to do the next weekend. But to their credit, the boys came out and match the Lions blow for blow. In the end, with a few lucky bounces, and a fluke "onside" kick, the boys prevailed 43-33.

I found a video clip from (San Antonio's NBC affiliate) that shows several Crusader highlights from the game. Click on the video clip tab and under the sports click on "High School Football Highlights: November 19th part 2."

Round two brought a rematch against the team that took away our chances of an outright district championship, Second Baptist. With a 65 yard gallop for a touchdown on our second possession, the boys once again jumped out to the early lead. It would be one that they would never relinquish, although not with out it's "tense" moments.

Houston NBC affiliate Channel 2 even had their chopper fly over for some shots that ended up in their November 23rd Friday Football Frenzy ( Select the Sports option on the left of the page and click on the FFF option. The video clip is on the far right of the FFF page and is labeled. Runs smoothly with high speed.

So, for the FIRST TIME in school history, our football team is headed to the FINAL FOUR! That's quite an accomplishment, especially in Texas. I was very proud of the entire team, but particularly my baseball boys, the coaches, and of course any Wilkes that could be found. Their success just drives me more to make the baseball program as successful as they have been. And not just because of the wins they've accomplished, but because of the way they've done it. The right way. Working hard and earning every little bit.

Good Luck Saders! Beat Liberty Christian! BLAST 'EM!

Ring my be-eh-ehll! Ring my bell!

Maddie sports the bump on her head from her "fight" with the SACS bleachers. As you can tell, she won.

The Crusader defense comes off the field after a successful early game stop.

Now THIS is football weather!

Hail to the victors valiant!

The traditional post game doxology. "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!"

Final score: Second Baptist 16, YOUR State Semifinalist CONCORDIA CRUSADERS 28!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tee It High, Let It Fly...

This post is dedicated to my dad and my best friend.

My father-in-law and I played a free round of golf at The Wildcat Golf Club of Houston, located just south of downtown Houston and Reliant Stadium. It is also the preferred golf course of the Houston Astros, Rockets, Texans, Dynamo, and Aeros (all the professional sports franchises in the city).

This was also one of the first times I have gone out in a long time and not been totally disgusted with my game. I made a slight adjustment to my grip and may have found the key to my horrific slice. I know I have said that before, but I REALLY believe it now. I probably need to go out again soon to confirm it. Not sure Erin will go for that.

At any rate, Ben, Dad, go to and take in all that the site has to offer. May I suggest the picture gallery with the view we partook? Or perhaps the virtual tour of the entire course. (Lex and I played the Lakes, in case you are wondering.)

Be jealous. Be very jealous.

(Author's note: If you come to visit me we may be able to get you this same experience.)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Adjust and Adapt...

This post was intended to have some witty title like "Catching Up" or "Long Time, No Me"...that was until things were eerily quiet in our house (Mommy is at "M.O.P.S." right now) and broken by the sweet angelic sound of my oldest daughter singing "Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, clean UP!" Of course it took only a couple "daddy seconds" (minutes to you laymen) to figure out that we wouldn't be singing that unless their was SOMETHING TO CLEAN UP!

Of course there was Dingle and Hopper sitting on the floor in front of the sink, using washcloths to wipe up what I can only assume is the dirty dishwater Maddie had managed to wring out of her soaked article.

Now that crisis has been are a few thoughts on what's been up lately.

We ventured to San Antonio for Reformation weekend to hear my college roommate/teammate Greg Truwe preach. The girls had a great time getting better acquainted with Naomi, playing at the playground, and keeping all the guys on their toes Saturday night. Greg and Jamie are great hosts, and we can't wait to visit them again soon (refer to end of post for timetable).

Halloween brought the second annual Sommermeyer Scarefest. We had a great time making our own pizzas for the grill and walking the neighborhood with four of our school families. Maddie made it almost the whole hour with her homemade Racing Sausage outfit on...Daddy was very proud. But for the record, it was Mom's idea to begin with.

Stuffed with candy we headed into the weekend we spent all Saturday at school. Concordia hosted the volleyball regionals which I announced lineups for (my next career move) and the baseball field hosted a USSSA 14U Tournament. Things were hopping which was probably good in retrospect as I missed the BIG State game. I probably would've had an ulcer.

After a crazy week of school, the football team secured its playoff position with a yawner, 56-0 (we stopped parking people in the second quarter and the halftime score was also your final score). Since they play in San Antonio this weekend we canceled plans to go to a wedding in Austin so that we can go to the game (gas is even expensive HERE!). We will have a half day on Friday so we might head up there early to get some dinner with Greg and Jamie before the game.

Saturday is the Tomball Holiday Parade in which my lovely seniors had a float entered so I will be there for that...afterwards, its two days of school and SWEET Thanksgiving break (quite possibly my favorite holiday of the year).

Enjoy the pics!

Emma and Naomi "bury" the slide.

Jamie and Maddie "rock on".

Naomi and "aunt" Erin get a moment together.

"And then guess what?!?! I'm gonna be a big sister!!!"

Wurst case scenario...