Monday, June 27, 2005

Hi there! I'm Ben! What's your name?

Stick with me kid, I'll teach ya all you need to know.

Pool boys!

You're nuk goes there, cuz.

This is way better than our rocking chair at home!

Back in the saddle again!

Daddies and their babies

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Aren't we cute?

Friday, June 24, 2005

A little somethin'-somethin' for the peeps...

Well, both the girls are sleeping and I am busy "watching" the Tigers blow their game so I figured I might as well do something constructive.

Maddie is getting bigger by the day. Gained a pound and 3 inches at our last doctor's appointment. Some days are better than others. We sleep really well at night, it's just getting there that has been the major hang up. But for every hissy fit we throw, there are equally as many sweet moments when she just hangs out and stares at you and the world with those deep wondering eyes.

We took a few trips as a family this week, if you can call a run to Wal-Mart a trip. Ran across one young man there who was very subtly looking to purchase some, Of course as we passed by the aisle he turned several shades of red. Being the compassionate persons we are, we couldn't help but burst out in laughter as we stood in the next aisle. Then again, he didn't help his cause when we saw him moments later in the "self-checkout" aisle. I imagine it won't be quite as funny 18 years from now for this daddy.

So as if exposing our young daughter to such immorality, albeit accidentally, wasn't bad enough, we stopped by a Wendy's for lunch and as we finished we saw a prime example of how everything is bigger in Texas. Scooting across the floor past our table was the largest cockroach I have ever seen in my life. At the time I wondered where the hillbilly was who collects the money to let little kids ride this thing. As I quickly threw away our tray Erin overheard the other customer in the dining room gently inform an employee that the cockroach's "friend" had recently passed away underneath another table.

Needless to say, we won't be stopping there for pretty much anything, ever again.

You've been a wonderful audience. Don't forget to tip your waitress. Now enjoy the comedy stylings on Daniel Tosh. (No. Seriously. He's hilarious.)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Watching" baseball

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fatherhood is...

you know its been one of those days when you realize halfway through it that your underwear is on backward.


Saturday, June 18, 2005

So fresh and so clean-clean

Friday, June 17, 2005


...and awe.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Aunt Jana and her goddaughter

Nose sucking. Fun for the WHOLE family!

"Um...can I get some clothes here?"

Hangin' out in my chair

Girl Talk

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Daddy is nice...

for me to POOP ON!

After one week of being in the world, Maddie has taken her cue from Triumph the Insult Dog and made quite a mess...literally. Somehow, someway, we manage to save up a little something for Dad each time he changes our diaper. If we are really on our game, we wait until he has placed a clean one underneath our tushy, after which all bets are off.

A brief review of week one:
watched our first Tigers, Brewers, and Pistons games with Daddy

continually trying to suck our thumb, al a Aunt Kathy

went shopping with Mommy and Daddy to Target and Wal-Mart

had our first check-up (gained one ounce and peed on the nurse)

refuse to sleep on our back

entertained several visitors, including Grandpa and Grandma Heff (traded in standby tickets intended for Toronto trip)

lots and lots of eating and sleeping!

Stay tuned for further updates....

See! Daddy CAN multi-task!




Grandpa Heff and Maddie

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sleeping beauties

Exploring my new home!

"Maddie" after.

"Peanut" before...


I'm new to this parent thing, my folks are new to this grandparent thing, and certainly Erin's folks aren't thrilled about being a thousand miles away, so if the amount of pictures or accounts of Maddie's life get to be nauseating, please bear with me. I'm sure by year two she won't be as darling....oh, shoot, who am I kidding? Enjoy!

Washed in the Waters...

I should probably clarify about the baptism. I know a few have asked if everything was okay. Maddie was completely fine. Never any questions. Blame it on the way I was raised. Erin and I felt it was important for Maddie to have that saving faith given by God and the Holy Spirit in the waters of baptism as soon as possible. Coupled with Grandparents and god parents being in Milwaukee, we figured "why wait?" We appreciate Pastor Noack for being willing to come visit and do that for us. Certainly not a normal request, especially in a non-emergency situation. Christa Keiper and Phill Wilke stood in for Jana and Josh. There will be an affirmation at church on July 31st (for anyone in the area!) where family and friends can help us celebrate Maddie's birth into God's family.

Daddy's little girl...

The weekend was pretty worthy if you will. Saturday I came home from reffing a summer league at school and Erin was 18 minutes apart. We spent the rest of the day watching the time and squeezing my hand. Around midnight we hit the magic five minute apart mark and headed to the hospital. After six hours, one epidural, and about eight sets of pushes later, Erin and I are the proud parents of Madeline Anne Janetzke. Mommy and Maddie are doing great. We just got home today. We also got baptized yesterday by Pastor Noack. A very special moment for certain. Plan on seeing plenty of Texas' prettiest little cow girl in the near future!

My baby with my baby

Is this REALLY bonding???

In our lil gansta cap, throwin' up signs

Pastor Noack with his newest little sheep

My little gal and me

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Prayers for our littlest Ben

Keep our little one year old nephew in your prayers. Poor little guy had a bout with a severe fever (and pnuemonia?) and had to go to the hospital. Mom, Dad, Grandpas, Grandmas, Aunts, and Uncles were all a bit shaken, but being the little "weinerhead" he is he should be okay. Praise God for His healing, protecting hand!

In regular weinerhead form

The little trooper