Thursday, March 23, 2006

Weird Science

Monday, March 20, 2006

Cousins chillin

Cousins chillin'

Coach gets advice from his offensive coordinator

Curious George...ette.

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

The infamous Nuk Gang!

Dude! Dad! Check THAT out!

So this is what those animals felt like

Thank goodness she enjoys baths

Austin City Limits

One day back from spring break and I long for the orderly chaos of Ben and Maddie "running" around our rental near Lake Travis.

We had a chance to spend a few days in the Austin area with Erin's folks, sister, brother-in-law, and our two nephews. Grandpa and Grandma did some babysitting while the young parents checked out the lay of the land at the University of Texas. Found a neat little pizza pub along the main strip next to campus. Joel was very interested in the story of the sniper in the bell tower. (I thought I had thoroughly explained the whole everyone in Texas owns a gun thing.) Joel, Dad, and I then took in a Longhorns' baseball game. They were playing Arizona State, so the competition was pretty fierce, but in the end the Horns hooked 'em, 11-6.

Austin was a beautiful city, set just east of the foothills. Even after playing some ball games there in college, I was shocked at how "hilly" the city and surrounding area was. At times, as we tried to find our rental home, I felt like I was in one of those car commercials where the vehicle comes flying around the corner, barrelling down the hill, and then some artsy fartsy voice comes on telling you how empty your life is unless you are barrelling down the hill in this specific vehicle.

Another "highlight" was finding the "Real World" house from the most recent season, filmed in Austin. Erin and I felt a bit of a connection since one of the girls was from Germantown. Does this make us pathetic?...Naaaaaaah.

We also visited the zoo. Not the most impressive place, but it had its token bear, tiger, lion, and petting zoo. Maddie may have spent too much time there as she has begun "growling" at everything and everyone.

Speaking of Maddie, she and Erin are in Wisconsin for our neice's baptism. Dad is holding down the fort but SORELY misses his babies! School has begun again, and district (think conference) play has begun in baseball. At 5-9, I hope we make the playoffs, but we got some attitude adjustments to make.

At least the Majors start soon...Go Tigers! (Hope springs eternal.)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Seriously...who's kid IS this?!?!

The ONLY time she will be within a zip code of a pom

Chili's...good food, but the service takes a while.

She's gonna hate me when she's 13...

Pinkie Swears and Almond Joys

Our families are aware of this now, so for those of you that have not heard the news yet, Maddie will be a big sister in July.

Erin and I went for "Almond's" ultrasound today. Everything is where it should be.

Some of you may be asking "Do you know what it is?" And we will heartily reply "yes, we do."

But as part of finding out, Erin and I pinkie swore on a couple of points that we would like you all to follow for the remainder of this pregnancy:

1) We will inform you of the gender ONLY if you ask us to volunteer that information.
2) If we do inform you of the gender, you are SWORN by the great state of TEXAS and all other things holy to keep that information on the d.l. (down low...or, "secret" for you older folk) until "Almond" is born.
3)To gain access to this information, simply submit your credit card number below and...oh...really...we can't do that? Shucks. Thought we could put together a college fund.

We appreciate your cooperation in this you have TWO reasons for visiting Texas!