Sunday, February 17, 2008

Moments of Clarity...

I realize it has been some time since my last blog. It also seems as though that is becoming the opening sentence of nearly all my entries as of late.

Baseball season has arrived. Of course, the first game was to take place on Saturday, but after nearly a week of gorgeous weather, the skies opened up and washed us out.

It also usually about this time of year that I am so overwhelmed that I call my existence into question.

Thankfully, Grandma Heff was here last weekend which afforded Erin and I the opportunity to take in a movie (higher than a G rating) and enjoy dinner and drinks with our friends. After a night like that, it reminds me how much God cares for us. He surrounds us with amazing people wherever we go. People who love us, laugh with us, live with us. And its in those relationships that we most often find the answers to those existence questions.

I got so much on my mind right now, but I won't bore you with that. Just enjoy these pictures and know that if you aren't in them, I can't wait for you to be.

A beautiful night, with a beautiful date, on the beautiful river walk, in beautiful "The Woodlands"

The boys. Man, are we handsome or WHAT?!?!?

This is the ladies spying on us when the went to "get the camera out of the car".

No night out is complete until Anne has been texted or called!

Who's the schlub on the left?

At this point the evening had been deemed "fun".

"Okay. Now, a nice one for Grandma."

Baseball/Softball, represent!

Apparently I am "laying down the tracks" as the kids would say.

"Some people call me the space cowboy..."

My boy Odie. The finest x-ray tech in Texas. Even if he is a Wolverine fan.

Hey. Tim is a handsome man. And we just happen to be really good friends.

This is Sean. Sean was at Papa's by himself. Sean was visiting his brother. At least until brother's girlfriend came over that night. Then we adopted him. I'm pretty sure he swore off Lutherans after that night.

This one was from our trip this summer. I just added it in because I ran across it tonight and it brought a smile to my face. What a goofball!