Monday, May 09, 2005






"You kill my minor....prepare to die."

(Hope this propaganda helps the fight Joshua.)

Oh, for those that aren't on top of your current events, seems my brother is starting a revolution at the ol' alma mater. I think this ruins our chances for having a hall named after our family.

It's "Texas" hot

Okay, so call me a whimp, call me my mother's son...normally 86 degrees in May would be wonderful. Now, CRANK UP THE HUMIDITY ABOUT 75%! You know its hot when your pants stick to your legs the second you step outside. That ain't static cling! This might take some getting used to.

No "Peanut" yet. All for the best, I still have finals to write. But an early delivery wouldn't be so bad at this point.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO "FRED" AND "MARJ"! Wish we could have been with you. We did attend "Fiddler on the Roof" at school. I say that honors both of you in some way.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Shout out to Tru-dawg

Well, I have now completed my first season of participation in Texas High School baseball. As I was warned before accepting the call down here, football IS king, and baseball IS its VERY close second. I figured of all the guys who I try, though feebly, to keep up with, Greg Truwe would be most interested in the baseball season. We finished the second in our district (conference) and qualified for state playoffs (TAPPS 5A). The champion of our district spent much of the year ranked in the top 15 of the nation and with good reason. Remember the name Ryan Lollis. It will come up again in the future. At any rate, the season was a bit lenghty. Partially because, every field having lights, even on school nights varsity would not be done until 9:30-10:00. And if its an away game, figure rolling into school about 11:30. Those are long nights. Partially long because for whatever reason, though very talented, our varsity team did not have the first clue about TEAM play. More than just flipping the ball to the guy covering, but being in position to back up a play, laying down a sacrifice bunt to move the runner over, tipping your hat to the guy who just struck you out and moving on from there. No, no. We were out to get ours. There were days I was just sick after practices. Take each player individually, love em like a brother. Put them in that baseball uniform, well, all bets are off. Anywho, we had a roller coaster ride of a season, put some victories together, showed flashes of team play, and won our first round playoff game 4-2. Second round brought Denton Liberty Christian. We gave up a four spot in the first, due to their agressive approach on offense, and couldn't quite get our bats going. Scored 3 in the seventh but it was too little too late. We lost 7-3. Out of all of that, I was affirmed in the fact that I do love baseball, and I do love coaching. I look forward to the challenges next year will bring us and anticipate some good things happening. Hey, maybe in two years we can get an association church to call you Greg! Think they would put "baseball coach" in the call documents? GO TIGS!