Saturday, January 19, 2008

Killer Cheese Curls!

I suppose it looks bad when you are being passed up by a diminutive pregnant lady. At least in the blogging aspect of life.

The title will make sense when you take into account that we took the girls to the movies this afternoon to see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. It was a cute movie, and of course had me engrossed for the parts where we weren't trying to keep Emma in the vicinity of our seats or off the railing in front of our row. She was a little more enamored with the snacks and drinks we had purchased and the people behind us. ALL of them. Maddie was a little more subdued. She seemed to enjoy it. This was our first family outing to a movie (sniff, sniff, tear) and brought back memories of the yearly outing to see whatever animated film Disney was putting out around Christmas time.

This was the last week of freedom before baseball officially starts up. But of course that doesn't take into account the after school "voluntary" workouts I have been supervising or the state high school baseball coaches convention we attended last weekend. The keynote speaker was some guy who had pitched in the majors, started with the Red Sox, bounced around to a few other teams. Probably some schmuck journeyman. Roger somethin'. Some of you more serious baseball minds might have heard of him. But, probably not.

Anyways, that's really all that's going on for me right now. Just trying to be a good dad, husband, teacher, coach. Helps that I've got some adorable (although rambunctious) kids and a patient (while all together breathtaking) wife.

And to be fair, it has been cold and wet all week. Not quite freezing, but lets be honest, cold is cold no matter where you are.