Sunday, November 21, 2004

Even the rain is big...

Three of the last four days have seen Ark sized accumulations of rain in the Houston area. As I waded through the streets of Tomball to pick up some lunch for my lovely wife and I yesterday, I began to wonder why each area of the country I live in has to be in denial. Minnesota, for instance, knows full well that come late October thru late April, snow WILL FALL likes its going out of style. So it would make PERFECT sense to reduce your snowplow fleet by half. GENIUS! Houston, as another example, lies near the Gulf of Mexico. This body of water is well know for producing healthy amounts of precipitation. Enough for the ground to become completely soaked to the point where a foot or more of standing water is covering the road. So to combat this meteorlogical threat, we don't we make ditches next to the road that will overflow with even trace parcipitation. WHO NEEDS SEWERS??? Them thar ar fer city folk! Y'all can just roll on through those puddles in yer monster truck vehicles that shouldn't be on the road, but in an arena, crushing used, rusty cars. Oh, well, guess we should invest in a boat.

"Hi. How are you?"

A simple greeting. One you might encounter, oh, say at church. Perhaps one that you respond to with out even thinking. But certainly there have been times when the greeting comes from a source that is so surprising, so dumbfounding that you fumble your words and answer with something like "uhh...burgleflickle." Well, I had one of those times today at church. There I was, standing by the umbrella rack after worship, waiting for my dear wife to return from the restroom. Suddenly this gangly man with crazy hair cuts in front of me as he reached for what must have been his umbrella. As he stood to leave our eyes caught for that brief awkward second that men encounter when connecting eyes, and cheerily greeted me with "Hi. How are you?" Imagine my surprise when I realized that this man, whom I had just been in the same worship service as, turned out to be Lyle Lovett. Yes, Julia Roberts ex-husband, the musician with the goofy hair, and the mother who had a birthday today (hence the flowers at the altar given in her honor by her son) was also a son of the congregation I attend. Now if that doesn't make you want to be Lutheran...

Friday, November 12, 2004

We Texans er jus laid back folk... Posted by Hello

Like a sheep...

Normally I would allow my lovely wife to maintain her blog as the "family" blog. But there are two sides to every story. And with my good friends, Jon Meirow and Adam Griffin, maintaining their blogs, I must follow the crowd and let my voice be heard. Don't expect frequent updates, as I have trouble getting tasks (like work) done as it is, but this might be a fun way to rant about the odd thoughts and passions that I have. So buckle your seats belts, keep your apendages inside the vehicle at all times, and enjoy thoughts from "Deep in the Heart of Texas".